About Us

For Aero-Hose, Corp. the equation is simple. Bring together a team of highly-skilled, experienced people and arm them with the resources to provide world-class service.

Aero-Hose, Corp. = Industry-leading experience + World-class service

Aero-Hose, Corp. offers quality products with industry-leading service for the Aerospace, Military and Commercial Industries. Combined, the members of the Aero-Hose, Corp. team have over 250 years of experience in the Aerospace Hose Industry. The foundation of Aero-Hose, Corp. is based on one common goal: Service our customers.

With over 15,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space, Aero-Hose, Corp. offers a complete line of hose assemblies and related products. From low pressure rubber hose to complex, multi-bend hose-tube combination assemblies, Aero-Hose, Corp. has the expertise and industry knowledge to support an endless array of requirements.

We stock a wide range of raw and bulk materials. With an endless array of hose and fitting types, Aero-Hose, Corp. can manufacture hose assemblies to meet virtually any requirement.

Whenever a custom application requires a unique installation, Aero-Hose, Corp.'s Design & Development team can provide a customized solution to integrate within your application.

24-hour Turnaround
When it comes to an AOG, responsiveness must be measured in hours, not days or weeks. That is why Aero-Hose, Corp. offers 24-hour turnaround on its standard hose assemblies.

Mock-up Support
Often times a difficult installation requires on-site support for a mechanic, engineer, owner and/or operator. For these instances, Aero-Hose, Corp. will meet with you in your office or on the tarmac to identify a solution.